Back to Nature: An Outdoor Course

Americans now spend 90% of their lives totally indoors! It’s not just your tan that suffers from a shut in lifestyle. According to mass amounts of research, being in nature can improve your health, mood, outlook, longevity, concentration, and life overall. We have seen all of the warnings on news programs about the effects not being outdoors is having on our children. What isn’t being addressed is the effect it is having on our seniors. The amount of time spent outdoors dramatically decreases as we age. Add in lack of consistent transportation and the same view day in and day out and we’ve got an epidemic. This course aims to provide you with some helpful information about the benefits of time spent outdoors while arming you with an arsenal of great outdoor activities to get your residents breathing some fresh air…and yourself.

Utilize our easy to print format in the Click N Print section to make a quick reference binder with all of the activities provided within this online workshop!

Workshop Objectives:
  • Provide student with a myriad of activity ideas within separate activity categories.
  • Provide insight into benefits of outdoor activity.
  • Provide a quick reference binder for the student to utilize within their own facilities.

Workshop Content:

  • Outdoor Statistics
  • Benefits of Seniors Being Outdoors
  • Nature Deficit Disorder
  • Earthing
  • Back to Nature Activities
  • Indoor Nature Activities
  • Physical Outdoor Activities
  • Outdoor Parties
  • Resident Outdoor Assessment
APNCC Approved:
- 6 CE Hours -
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