Alzheimer's Approved: Understanding & Planning

Alzheimer’s is a serious form of Dementia that affects over half of the residents we care for in long term care. Currently there are around 5.2 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s in the United States. Every 67 seconds another person is added to that rapidly growing statistic. It is expected that the Baby Boomers will single handedly increase the current number of 5.2 million to a whopping 16 million by 2050. The impact of this is huge and it will obviously affect many areas of our economy and society. As Activity Directors, it has the ability to completely change the way your department operates. For those of you already working within this population, you know the criterion for planning activities is wildly different then planning other senior related activities. This can create many challenges, but if you are creative and passionate is could also provide you with some really amazing opportunities to have an enormous impact on a subset of our growing population that needs your help. This workshop is intended to build your understanding of the disease and those that suffer with it, while offering valuable tools to incorporate into your program so that you can truly improve the lives of those you serve.

Objectives of this course include:
  • Identification of behavioral triggers, issues, & potential solutions.
  • Comprehension of Alzheimer’s disease and its effects.
  • Variety of Alzheimer’s approved activities.
APNCC Approved:
- 6 CE Hours -
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