Bucket of Games: Part II

In continuation of our very popular Bucket of Games: Part I…we present Bucket of Games: Part II. This course gives a comprehensive overview to five different activity types including physical, cognitive, sensory stimulation, reminiscing, fundraisers, and adaptations. Basically, everything that you missed from Part I is included here, in great detail, and still in an easy to print format. This course is everything you need to revamp your activity calendar.

Utilize our easy to print format in the Click N Print section to make a quick reference binder with all of the activities provided within this online workshop!

Workshop Objectives:
  • Understand the importance of physical activities, specifically related to the elderly population.
  • Learn new physical activities to incorporate into your activity program.
  • Better understand the ways cognitive activities, balanced with consistency, can create big differences in their residents mental capacities.
  • Learn new cognitive activities to incorporate into your activity program.
  • Learn techniques for designing activities for residents suffering with Alzheimer's/Dementia.
  • Learn new sensory stimulation to incorporate into your activity program.
  • Understand the principles of Reminiscence Therapy, its importance, and how to put this therapy into action.
  • Learn new reminiscing activities to incorporate into your activity program.
  • Determine the physical needs of each resident through the discovery process (a guide is provided to help you determine the abilities each resident is capable of based on their listed impairments).
  • Utilize a 10 step guide to planning a successful fundraiser.
  • Learn new fundraisers to incorporate into your activity program.
  • Learn ways in which you can adapt other activities to suit the needs of a specific resident or condition.
APNCC Approved:
- 8 CE Hours -
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