Connecting Generations: Intergenerational Programs

This course will provide the Activity Director (AD) with the reasons that fostering inter-generational relationships are so beneficial for both younger and older populations. Spending time with each other, being involved with each other’s activities, and tending to each other’s needs gives each group a reason to live more fulfilling lives. Small children bring joy and delight to the elderly just by being in their presence. When teens/college students listen to and appreciate the elderly reminiscing about life experiences it gives the elderly pride and purpose in life. Many examples of existing intergenerational programs, ideas for bringing the generations together, arts and crafts projects, group activities, and educational activities are included in this course.

Workshop Objectives:
  • Upon completion the student will understand how intergenerational relationships benefit both young and old.
  • The student will understand the importance of implementing programming that creates social connections between residents and children/teens/college students through activities.
  • Upon completion the student will have many new ideas that will inspire her to start her own intergenerational program in her facility or in the community.
  • The student will have a variety of projects, activities, and educational materials that may be incorporated directly into her activity programming.

Workshop Content:

  • Family Traditions of the Past
  • Where We are Today
  • Preschools within Nursing Homes
  • Intergenerational Programs Benefitting Nursing Homes
  • Intergenerational Programs In the Community
  • Arts and Crafts Projects
  • Group Activities
  • Educational Activities
APNCC Approved:
- 6 CE Hours -
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