Therapeutically Enhanced Group Activities

This workshop focuses on relevant literature, experiential exercises, and skills that an activity professional would need to “therapeutically enhance” an activity group. This workshop rose out of a concern that older adults in the nursing home were not provided with enough opportunities to grow and develop. It incorporates theories of lifespan development, tenets of life review, existential-person-centered psychology, and basic listening skills. The intent is for activity professionals to use the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they have gained from this workshop to “enhance” their reminiscence-based activity groups.

Workshop Objectives:
  • To add value to activity groups by incorporating psychological knowledge and principles, specifically the tenets of life review and person-centered psychology
  • To improve psychosocial functioning
  • To increase life satisfaction in the nursing home
  • To help activity professionals more effectively address topics such as death, meaninglessness, isolation, and despair

Workshop Content: Upon completion of this workshop, the professional will have learned about:

  • Lifespan development in older adulthood
  • Ego Integrity (life satisfaction) versus despair
  • Mental illnesses commonly found in the nursing home
  • Relevance of existential-person-centered(person centered) psychology for older adults
  • The process of life review
  • Ways to utilize life review and basic listening skills with your residents
APNCC Approved:
- 8 CE Hours -
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