Visual Arts for the Aging Population

This course will provide the Activity Director (AD) and Recreational Therapist with the reasons that visual arts are so beneficial to the aging population who have experienced loss in a variety of ways in their lives. Also included are examples of those whose lives have been transformed because someone took the time to work with them in the creative process. There is a list that accompanies the course with art projects and their instructions.

Workshop Objectives:
  • Upon completion the student will have an understanding of the cognitive and psychological and benefits associated with art and creativity.
  • The student will understand the importance of implementing programming that creates social connections between residents.
  • Upon completion the student will have techniques, ideas and tools that will help guide them in approaching and planning artistic activities effectively.
  • The student will have a variety of art projects that may be incorporated directly into their activity programming.
Workshop Content:
  • What Is Art?
  • Cognitive and Psychological Benefits of Art
  • Importance of Resident Connections
  • Effective Activity Approaches
  • Art Projects
APNCC Approved:
- 3 CE Hours -
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