The Care Plan - A Road Map

This course takes you through the Activity Departments required documentation process from the Baseline Care Plan through the final creation of the Comprehensive Care Plan. Particularly focus is tailored to the individuality of the resident and that care plans are in no way intended to be “cookie cutter” care plans. An appropriate and useful care plan begins with an effective and complete individualized assessment. When designing a care plan for each resident the professional must ensure that multiple sources within the Interdisciplinary Team assessments are considered to address the resident’s specific needs. The care plan you write must address these issues. The care plan is a representation of the accumulation of the facility’s assessment process. It is the final compilation of the individual resident’s problems, needs, and strengths. The care plan definitively scopes the resident’s care treatment process, describing conditions to be treated, expected outcomes, and the specific customized care services to be rendered. This course is intended to help you to become more proficient and savvy when it comes to realistic and relevant care plan development.


  • Understand care plan relevance relating to resident treatment
  • Learn how care plans have evolved historically
  • Understand the development process leading to the care plan creation
  • Understand how to implement SMART care plan goals
  • Utilizing IDT assessment tools data for care planning
  • Understanding resident rights in care planning participation
  • Recognize the progress notes and care plan relationship
  • Recognize the initial assessment and monthly calendar relationship
  • Revising the care plan – why or why not
  • Merging care plans – consolidate IDT members contributions
  • When to use short term care plans
  • Understand Rehabilitation care plans

Workshop Topics:

  • Care Plan Overview – What is this document?
  • The History of Care Plan Development
  • Understanding SMART Goals
  • The Process – Baseline Care Plan to Comprehensive Care Planning
  • Reporting Timeliness
  • Common Care Plan Mistakes
  • Care Plan examples
  • General Documentation Principles
  • Documentation Corrections
APNCC Approved:
- 10 CE Hours -
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