Must Play Well With Others: Training Your Team and Other Departments

Federal and State guidelines require Activity Professionals to train all disciplines on how to assure that each resident gets a great quality of life. However, in all types of care settings, this can be a challenge for even the most accomplished Activity Professional. This course will teach you a variety of ways to inspire, encourage and lead your team, as well as passing on that inspiration to different disciplines too. You will have the opportunity to learn how to train in a short amount of time, how to structure in-services, and how to keep Activities at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Utilize our easy to print format in the Click N Print section to make a quick reference binder with all of the activities provided within this online workshop!

Workshop Objectives:
  • Understand how each discipline can contribute to the quality of life of residents served
  • Understand why training is important and how adult learners learn
  • Learn how to plan appropriate in-services with your Activities team
  • Learn how to train other department staff, including different approaches
  • Learn how to successfully document your trainings
  • Find ideas and templates of how to get you started and maintain your training
Workshop Content:
  • The importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to quality of life
  • Why we need training
  • Adult Learners
  • Training Your Activities Staff: When and How Often
  • Training Your Other Department Staff: When And How Often
  • Training outside of the classroom and on the go
  • Adding pizazz to your trainings
  • Documenting your trainings
  • Examples to get you started

APNCC Approved:
- 8 CE Hours -
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