The Multi-Sensory Experience

Every human being is created with the magnificent senses. Whether you are young or old, healthy or sick each one of us experiences life through our senses. In this class you will learn how senses affect those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. The use of knowledge, activates and day to day uses will help assist our residents to experience a positive sensory experience in their day to day lives. 
Utilize our easy to print format in the Click N Print section to make a quick reference binder with all of the activities provided within this online workshop!

Workshop Objectives:
  • Familiarize yourself with the 8 senses and how they can affect those with dementia
  • Provide the learner with practical uses for the 8 senses
  • Enhance the learner’s accessibility to different activities that can help promote the residents’ senses.
  • Provide 4 different programs that the learner can implement within their activity program
  • Provide a list of supplies that the learner will need to implement these 4 different programs.

Workshop Content:

  • The Definition of Sensory 
  • The 8 senses (not 5) 
  • How the 8 senses can affect someone who suffers from Dementia 
  • How senses can be used in a positive way through activities
  • How to create your Program using senses and be successful 
    • o ARTIsensory 
    • o Music 
    • o Meal Transition Time 
  • Supplies you will need to begin each program program 
  • My personal successes & failures
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